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Dan has been writing and producing his own music since 2010, self releasing his first album 'Blind Mans Bluff' in 2011 and 'LiberateD' in August 2015.




 Since then he has been involved in various projects including producing music on demand, and writing, recording and producing new material for his next album.


Dan has learned a lot about song production, and has grown as an artist since his first album, which received praise from critics for its originality, detail and expression.


Dan's music is being played on radio stations in the USA, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.


His new album 'MELANCHOLOGY' is in the works and set for release in 2023.


Dan’s original material and Dan DroiD as an original artist are quite different to the Cabaret persona and sound.


Blending music, melody and lyric in a beautiful poetic fusion, Dan allows his influences to guide his work, whilst always remaining completely original in concept, content and sound.


“A beautiful and original album, with  subtle nuances in the lyrics, that only gradually drop into place the more you listen.....From the lost love of “ Roots and Leaves” to the introspective “Blind Man’s Bluff” Dan DroiD creates a series of pictures in music! It's a long time since I heard a rich unique vocal sound like this. This album is a breath of fresh air......"

Simon Pauley - Radio Presenter - Insight Radio


Dan hopes to continue to build notoriety for his own sound, his own music, and to continue to produce songs that are true to his identity as an artist - 

Creating a legacy of sound that he is proud of and that chronicles the thoughts and feelings of his life.


He is very keen to receive feedback from listeners, either positive or negative. He would be extremely grateful if you would comment on his work whilst you are here.

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